Shelby Ligon

Director of Client Relations

Shelby enjoys solving problems – quickly! As Director of Client Relations, Shelby works with clients and the rest of the Beyond Marketing team to fulfill client requests and ensure everyone receives updates and communication. Shelby also works with the content team to develop high-quality content, the web maintenance team on keeping websites up-to-date, and the development team to produce new websites. She strives to go above and beyond in any situation possible.


Shelby attended Winthrop University where she earned a degree in English with an emphasis in writing for business and technology. Shelby spent years working at a mid-size skydiving facility in Chester, SC before moving to Southern California to work at a large skydiving facility. Upon returning to South Carolina, she pursued her teaching certificate and spent 4 years as a high school English teacher.

Outside of the office, you can probably find Shelby in her garden or otherwise exploring the outdoors. She thoroughly enjoys all-things-nature, building projects with her husband, spending time with her family, and good food.



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