How To Delete a Fake Google Review

Friday, September 7, 2018

Updated: October 2, 2018

Is it possible to remove a fake Google Business Review? Yes, there are several steps you can take to remove a fake Business Review.

If you’re a business owner, negative business reviews can cause a lot of stress especially if you’re working hard to build your online reputation. We understand! We’ve been there!

We have a strong track record in reporting and removing fake reviews and we’re going to show you how, step by step!

The Steps To Delete a Fake Google Review
Course of Action Action Notes
Step 1: Reply to the fake review.It’s important to reply in a professional manner while you work to get the review removed.
Step 2: Flag the ReviewDispute the review by flagging the review.
Step 3: Contact Google via TwitterDispute the claim by tweeting to @GoogleMyBiz
Step 4: Call or E-mail GoogleTry (844) 491-9665
Step 5: Visit a Google Support ForumVisit the Spam and Policy Forum
Step 6: Contact Google LegalSomething egregious or illegal? This is the route
Step 1 – Reply To The Fake Review

Why should you respond to a fake review if you know it’s fake? In the court of public opinion, you’re being judged on Google all of the time; it’s important to address it to show readers (potential customers) that the review is not legitimate while you work to get the review removed (it’s not an instant process)

Below is an example of how we responded to a negative on behalf of one of our clients (Beyond Marketing actively works with clients to help with online reputation management).

TIP: While you’ll be feeling desperate to have a review removed, you’ll need some patience – it’s not an overnight process. The key is to be persistent. If you have a legit issue, you should be successful in getting the review removed.

Step 2 – Flag The Review to Google
  1. Roll your cursor over the name of the person who left you a review. A flag will appear (the flag is not readily visible).
  2. Click the flag to report the violation and select the violation type.

While it’s important to flag a negative review, we’ve never had any success with this technique unless you get many people to flag the review in question. Get your colleagues and friends involved to flag the review.

For more complete instructions on how to flag a review within your Google Business account on desktop, mobile or to flag reviews on Google Maps, click here.

Step 3 – Contact Google on Twitter or Facebook

Contacting customer support via Facebook or Twitter is not unique to airlines and major retailers. Google has a Twitter handle and Facebook page to report your negative review troubles or get assistance with anything else related to your GMB page.

In the interest of presenting every option available, we’re sharing this info, but truthfully we’ve had no luck with this option. The Twitter account must be bombarded with messages, so it’s unlikely this will be addressed as expeditiously as you’d like it to be.

Step 4 – Call or E-mail Google

Eureka! A phone number! Yes, a phone number does indeed exist for Google My Business Customer Support. It’s (844) 491-9665.

Another route you can take is to:

  • Login to your GMB page.
  • Go to ‘Reviews’
  • Select the HOME menu and select ’SUPPORT’
  • Select a method of Contact – phone or e-mail
  • Submit the contact parameters and attach a screenshot of the review in question). You should hear back within 48 hours.

When you speak with someone at Google, they’ll need to escalate your case to a higher level, so don’t expect immediate resolution, but you’re on the right track!

It’s important to remember that when a Google account manager reviews a flagged review, the content of the review must demonstrate the violation of its guidelines. If the review itself isn’t egregious be sure to dig a bit deeper on the individual that left you a review.

TIP: When building your case against negative reviews, look at the review activity of the person that left you the review. Is there something abnormal about it? Does the individual leave reviews in a localized area or are they random towards different businesses in different locations around the world?

Show Your Evidence

  • Document why the review is artificial
  • Share how the review violates Google’s policies
  • Screenshot any images, links or details to support your claim
Step 5 – Utilize Google Support Forums

We’ve had great success utilizing Google Support Forums. Usually, with a good explanation a community manager can escalate your case whether it be a fake review or help with removing fake businesses that have been created(something we’re seeing more and more of).

How to Use Google Support Forums
  1. Login to your GMB page.
  2. Access the Google Forums page – this is a great resource from how-tos to articles! Bookmark this page!
  3. Select the Spam & Policy Forum – here you can add to a current conversation or create a new inquiry and read answers to faqs.
  4. Ask a Community Expert – there are community experts that can often help or escalate your issues to the small business support team.
Step 6 – Contact Google Legal Support

This is the last option if you’ve exhausted Steps 1 thru 5 above. You can submit a form to Google for legal reasons. To access this information visit


Are you short on time and need someone to help you navigate your negative reviews? Beyond Marketing has a team dedicated to both SEO and Reputation Management. We can help you accelerate positive reviews or help you remove negative reviews. Contact us for help.

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