Amy Thomason

Director of Content Marketing

Although she officially joined the Beyond Marketing team as Director of Content Marketing in September, Amy has been a member of our extended family of writers since 2018. Prior to coming on board, Amy spent 14 years in grant management and three years as a freelance writer for companies big and small and beloved institutions across the region. The leap from the fundraising side of the fence to the marketing side was seamless. In both worlds, curiosity and wonder are critical to becoming a passionate content expert for a time and, when the project is complete, immediately diving headfirst into the next one.

The diversity of the Beyond Marketing portfolio and our collaborative approach to project success – both internally and with our clients – fuels Amy’s creativity. She loves being challenged to write with authority about anything we throw at her, from anatomical specimens and process solutions to skydiving technology and construction.


Amy moved to North Carolina in 1997 to attend Queens University of Charlotte where she earned her BA in Corporate and Journalism Communications and, later, MA in Organizational Communication. She and her husband (a native Charlottean, i.e. a rare breed) have two marvellously mischievous monkeys who keep them on their toes. Together, they love being creative, trying new things, and adventuring around the Carolinas.

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