Word of Mouth Marketing

Make Your Customers Your Marketing Team

At Beyond Marketing, it is our belief that no other marketing strategy outperforms the power of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM).

Yes, having an exemplary digital marketing presence is critical. Your website should be compelling, most everything you publish should be search engine optimized, and your digital advertising strategy should be airtight. (We can help you with all of that, too.) But that’s just the beginning.

Getting warm bodies across your threshold is step one. Recognizing that there is still a ladder to climb from here is the difference between longevity and lost cause.

Our team offers three WOMM services:

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    Customer Service Audit

    Are You Wowing Your Customers?

    Our Core Values drive us to Deliver Amazing Customer Service and to Think Like a Consumer. To understand the customer experience, you have to retrace the trail you’ve blazed. Carefully considering every single point of interaction is critical to your success.

    When you live and breathe your business day in and day out, it’s easy to overlook the obvious. Identifying touch points and measuring them against your own business values, brand, culture and marketing promises can be revelatory and transformative.

    A Customer Service Audit includes a member of the Beyond Marketing team coming to your site – either in a “secret shopper” or known visitor capacity – to identify all the touch points. Whether you have 15 or 55, we’ve got your back. We’ll work through each one, strategizing on how to elevate and maximize the customer experience.

  • Reputation Management

    Build Credibility And Increase Sales

    Actively listening to your customers is a no-cost, high-return investment of time. There is no better way to ascertain what you’re doing well and not so well, and what you should keep doing and what to stop. And in an age when everyone’s a critic, there are lots of opportunities to put your ear to the ground.

    Being responsive, though, can be the game changer. When the dissatisfaction of an anonymous naysayer is acknowledged and they receive a timely apology for the transgression … or, conversely, when a raving fan feels appreciated and their positive feedback is celebrated … you can turn the tide.

    Engaging Beyond Marketing as your Reputation Management champion means resting easy knowing that your customers – the delighted as well as the disappointed – are individually being nurtured on your behalf. There’s tremendous power in a personal connection; if something specific comes up, we’ll connect with you for guidance on how to best respond. Together, we’ll keep your Net Promoter Score on the up and up as you learn from and exponentially grow your customer base with prompt and effective review management.

  • Strategic WOMM Plan

    Gain An Edge On Your Competition

    Our founder, James La Barrie, was raised in the Caribbean where the tourism industry has been king for the last century. His parents ran an internationally-renowned hotel and restaurant for most of his childhood and have since launched numerous lucrative businesses, with the success of each contingent on customer satisfaction. Today, they own and operate a kayak and eco-adventure experience that is the envy of their competitors across the Caribbean.

    James was so deeply influenced by his parents’ pre-Internet strategies for excellence that he has made a career of teaching others about the power of good old-fashioned hospitality in concert with new-school approaches to customer service. His techniques are proving to be revolutionary for businesses the world over. He has traveled extensively throughout the US, the UK and Australia teaching companies how to enhance company culture and improve sales by creating a customized and comprehensive Word of Mouth Marketing strategy.

    In an age where Google Reviews, Facebook Recommendations, Yelp Reviews and TripAdvisor positively (or negatively) affect the bottom line, having a Word of Mouth Marketing plan is essential to gaining a positive edge on your competition.

    Crafting a game-changing WOMM plan with Beyond Marketing means deploying a number of services, including the Customer Service Audit and Reputation Management, aimed at consistently exceeding customer expectations which will accelerate positive online reviews.

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