Hopewell Lodge

Marlborough Sounds Accommodation

We met James and Marcella 3 years ago when they came and stayed at our lodge. We were the typical owner-operators; flat out running things and too close to it all, too tired often, to put any decent thinking and time into our marketing. James pulled us aside and talked to us about what he and his team could do for us, a talk that culminated in them creating our new website and marketing presence. And what a pleasure it has been to work with and know these people. They are consummate professionals with that rare ability to genuinely understand what our business is all about, to keenly observe how we work and to create a presence that truly reflects what Hopewell Lodge is all about. From beginning to end we were amazed at the level of contact and care that went into our project. It was all done so well that, when the new site was unveiled, we loved it right away and since then have hardly altered anything. And our customers love it too, no matter upon which platform it is being viewed.

There are many, many people out there doing web-based marketing and design but there are only two we know of who “get” what the whole enterprise is about and truly appreciate all of the nuances of businesses like ours. Further, they always seem to be there for us, to help with technical issues and with ongoing education as to how to best utilize our new channel. In short James and Marcella and the team at Beyond Marketing really deliver in a meaningful and personal way. Last season was our best ever and Beyond Marketing certainly deserve credit for helping to deliver such great results. Oh, and did I mention that we are 13,500kms and several time zones away? Seems like they are just next door.

—Mike Clegg, Hopewell Lodge
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