6 Tips To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What Is Bounce Rate

So, after investigating you’ve realized that you have a high bounce rate. What is this, how exactly is it impacting your business and what steps can you take to solve the problem?

Simply put, bounce rate is the percentage of users that land on your site, don’t perform any action and leave without viewing a second page. Websites experience a high bounce rate for a number of reasons; maybe the website didn’t have the information the user was searching for, or maybe the page provided a bad user experience (such as a slow loading page).

Whatever the reason, you want to make sure that you can:

  1. Get user traffic to your site.
  2. Keep the user’s attention once there.
  3. And most importantly, convert your website visitors to customers.

What Is A Good Bounce Rate?

Google has not given a clear definition of what a good vs. bad bounce rate is. But, a study by RocketFuel deduced a bounce rate in the range of 26% to 40% is excellent. 41% to 55% is average. 56% to 70% is above average. Anything over 70% is disappointing but, keep in mind that you can anticipate certain individual pages to have a high bounce rate such as a blog article, news, events, etc. If your home page or product page has a high bounce rate you clearly have a problem that needs to be addressed. So, let’s get to it! How can we fix this issue?

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